about Andrew

I am an ambitious and capable graphic designer and product photographer with 6 years industry experience. I am currently employed at a specialist printing firm where my job role requires me to produce cutting edge designs for a wide variety of industry sectors.


I am also tasked with producing the product photography for a range of clients, this involves the creation of sets in the studio as well as producing virtual environments through image manipulation.

Like all modern creatives I am constantly widening my skill set by branching out into other forms of digital media. I am very capable in creating responsive web design solutions and I also have a good knowledge of video production.


This knowledge and experience allows me to offer a variety of high standard digital media solutions that help push my clients companies forward.

software knowledge

Page layout

vector graphics

image manipulation

video editing

Adobe InDesign

Quark Xpress

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Capture One

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

InDesign is part of my daily workflow. The majority of the work I produce is page layout for brochures and catalogues so InDesign is the perfect tool to effectively and efficiently create this type of work.

When I am required to produce logos, icons or large scalable artwork for signage, Illustrator is my software of choice.

My daily workflow requires me to use Photoshop for image correction and photo touch up. I excel in the creation of realistic composite photography, useful for fabricating product lifestyle shots.

Lightroom is my batch image editor of choice whilst Capture One is used for tethered capture in the studio.

I am aware of the power video has in capturing the attention of prospective customers so I have developed my video production skills in order to offer this service. I use Premiere to edit footage and After Effects for animation, colour correction and special effects.